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Author Topic: December Update + Recorded stream  (Read 435 times)


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December Update + Recorded stream
« on: January 18, 2017, 09:43:50 am »
Hey everyone, in case you missed the update of December, here, it is, it also includes a video of the last stream we did.

Yesterday we did a stream to show where we're at in the development of Outward. You can see various improvements we've done over the course of the past weeks, including a major overhaul of the user interface and some noticeable improvements in the look of the Chersonese (the first outdoor region).You can watch the video right here:

Development status​
Currently, we have most of the environment done for three outdoor regions, three cities and a handful of dungeons. We've been focusing our efforts on the first region and town however. Once we have a region that feels complete not only in terms of environment, but from a gameplay and balance perspective as well, we'll be better equipped to do the next ones more efficiently. However, it means that until we've done that, there won't be an explosion of new content to show in updates. We're not making that many new skills or enemy types at the moment, for instance.
Another thing worthy of mention is that the composer for Outward has been doing amazing work on the soundtrack. Mark my word, this will be the kind of soundtrack you want to buy.
We're starting to run low on funds. The CMF provided us enough cash to finish the game, but not to polish it and make sure it meets the expectations of dedicated RPG fans. So instead of just sticking to the plan, we decided it would probably be best to extend the game development, even if it means that we'll have to find a publisher. Other options would be crowdfunding or Early Access, but for now we're trying to find an entity who can not only fund the game, but help us promote as well. It's no secret that we aren't exactly marketing moguls. We have a history of difficulties getting the word out about our games.
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