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Author Topic: Cooperative Spellcasting  (Read 654 times)


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Cooperative Spellcasting
« on: November 02, 2016, 06:20:22 am »
At PAX you showed that you can use other peoples firesigils to cast spells and called it cooperative spellcasting, which brought me to think about the topic of cooperative spellcasting.
I would really love to see some REAL cooperation ... not only sigil sharing
like for example in the swedish game "Magicka" where each element interacts with each other...positive and negative for your teammates.
Or some spells which need more than one person to perform ... like for example strenghening a spellshield the more ppl cast, or a real powerfull spell like meteor, for which you need like 5 people, and a special sigil that you found in an ancient crypt with only a old pictogram on the wall to give hints what it is you discovered.
Just some random thoughts but i hope you can share my vision and it will give you many ideas to implement ^^


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Re: Cooperative Spellcasting
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2016, 01:57:27 pm »
The fine line we need to walk is to still make a game that feel complete if you play in solo. Yes, co-op is very important to our vision, but many players will want to play by themselves and we don't want them to feel like they just can't cast some spells, or can't access some areas. It can be harder, but it shouldn't be impossible. For that reason, we won't be implementing complex game mechanics that requires an extra player.

I think that even if we don't go the same route as Magicka, we'll still have a satisfying amount of cooperative mechanics in the game, without making solo players feel left out.
We seriously need more alexandrite in our games.


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