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READ FIRST - Bug report format
« on: April 03, 2015, 09:36:17 am »
This is basically to ensure that everyone reports bugs the same way. It will help us keep track, understand and hopefully fix them quickly :)

Here is how you should report bugs:

First : Check if there is another topic reporting the same bug.
Second : If there is another topic, read it, see if it was fixed, if not and you think you have additional information to add, please do it.
If your bug has not been reported yet, please create a topic and follow these Guidelines:

1. In the topic's subject, please put a title/short description of your bug
2. In the body, explain what happened, what you think that should have happened, and how to reproduce the bug.

Here is an example:
Topic subject : Can't buy the Naturalizer (Imagine that this is the subject of the thread and not in the body)

When I try to buy the Naturalizer (Arbloss wing weapon), it does not show as bought, even if I have enough credits.

What I think should happen
When clicking on the buy button, the right amount of credits should be removed from my balance and the weapon should then appear in the Hangar.

How to reproduce
1. Open the shop
2. Click on the Naturalizer (Arbloss Wing weapon)
3. Click on Mark1
4. Click buy button (be sure to have enough credits)
5. Buy button still displayed and active, credits haven't changed and weapon not present in the Hangar.

Also, if another bug looks really similar to yours but it is not exactly the same, please just create another topic, you can add a link to the other topic, mentioning that it looks similar. We will decide if we need to merge them or not. Sometimes, similar bugs are completely different in how they happen.
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