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Author Topic: Cierzo Village and Chersonese preview  (Read 1128 times)


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Cierzo Village and Chersonese preview
« on: January 06, 2016, 11:59:59 am »
Hey guys! hope you had great Holidays! We sure have!

Even if we have been a bit quiet in the last few weeks, we haven't stopped working! (except for maybe a week and a half between Christmas and the New year :P)

Here is a preview video of the first village as well as the first open area.

We showed the village and the Chersonese a few weeks ago during a stream, right after the first official development sprint (which is 3 weeks of development). The video above was after the second sprint, which was focused on fleshing out the open area. You can see a difference with the development stream highlight here.

Fun fact: Chersonese come from the Ancient Greek which meant peninsula.


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