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Author Topic: GoD Factory - Test Fire 1.2.2  (Read 1177 times)


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GoD Factory - Test Fire 1.2.2
« on: June 10, 2015, 03:05:47 pm »
New patch for GoD Factory in testing mode


New Features


-Since the ‘Players Online’ display wasn’t updated while in a Lobby, it has been removed from the chat panel and moved to the Server Browser list
-Increased the volume of the sound upon receiving a chat message
-Chat in the end match screen is now set to send messages to everyone, even if only ‘Enter/Return’ is pressed (which normally sends a message to team)

Fixed Bugs
-Opening the create match window now plays a sound
-Carrier Explosion sfx now works on the second match too
-End match chat won’t be stuck hidden anymore
-All the maps were using the Lava map Skybox. They now use their specific skybox
-This fixes the ‘sun in front of the planet’ bug in the ice quarry map

-Balance is unchanged

Kown Issues
-When focusing a text field (like the chat or ship description field), the caret isn’t visible.


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