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Re: Ideas and Suggestions
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Games with a great amount of customisation are the most enjoyable. Here are a few things I would love to see in the game.

1. Unique dialogue for things you have done, facial/body sliders, customisable backstory/origin, and a huge wardrobe. I want to be able to spend hours playing dressup.

2. Cosmetic modifications for armour, clothing, weapons, and the characters' body/face. Perhaps these modifications can give bonuses in addition to their cosmetic appearance.

3. Transumtation Options. Allow the Player to pay an npc to change the appearance of one item to the appearance of another that they have.

4. Player/npc marriage. Allowing the player to create a family dynasty. Marry in to powerful merchant families or even royalty. Have npcs' express interest in joining your families' lineage for mutual benefit. A more interesting courtship system would be nice, none of the 'put on a necklace and ask for marriage' 5 minute sequences.

5. While the player may play as an adventurer, the ability to be able to become a wealthy merchant, enlist with the army of a local kingdom and receiving promotions for duty, or even be a begger (for example) could be interesting gameplay mechanics. Playing as a bard/musician and starting off earning coin by busking, then playing in taverns, or possibly even for wealthy nobles as your skill increases.

6. Run a stall or shop. Allowing the player to sell their wares obtained from adventuring

7. Realism mode. A difficulty setting that requires the player to eat/drink, sleep, and battle the weather.  For example, if the player is exploring the tundra and a snowstorm began, they would require to keep warm and find some form of shelter or risk freezing to death. If they were exploring a desert, they would need to keep cool and hydrated.

8. If stealing is a thing that can be done, no reputation or karma loss when stealing an item/murdering someone when there are no witnesses. There is nothing more annoying than raiding a store and suddenly having the whole town hate you for something they had no way of knowing about.

9. Eating, Drinking, and Idle animations. Different animations depending on the food/drink, as well as idle animations for specific things. For example; you're crouching around a fire with not much going on, there should be an animation of your character warming their hands over the fire.

10. Family tree/lineage, Allow your initial character to wed and have a child, possibly allow the player to retire the father/mother and play as the child when they have grown to the appropriate adventuring age. Offspring could recieve a minor stat buff based on their parents, as well as possibly have earlier access to weapons most used by the family (sort of like family heirlooms).

11. Time based QTE style crafting system, You can make item quality based on reaction time in the qte; for example, smithing a blade might require you to swing a hammer against the metal on an anvil at specific intervals and based on the number of successfully timed hits the blade might have extra properties or better stats than base.
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