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Author Topic: GoD Factory - Test Fire 1.2.1  (Read 1280 times)


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GoD Factory - Test Fire 1.2.1
« on: June 05, 2015, 04:36:31 pm »
Hey guys, after receiving feedback from people this week and after playing the game ourselves with you on Wednesday, we have fixed most of the issues that were reported.

Here is the changelog

New Features

-Added a Go to Station X voice commands
-You get Score Points for capturing stations
-You now receive Score Points by changing the balance of points for your team
-You now receive Score Points for being in the capture area of a neutral station
-This means that if Team1 and Team2 has the same amount of players capturing a station, players only receive points for being in the area. If There is more players from one team in the - area, only the team with the greatest amount of players in the area will get points for changing the balance of the area.

-Added a bot named DerpBot in honnor to Derpylz, who made the German Localization.
-Adjusted intensity of various weapon sfx (mainly machine gun)

Fixed Bugs
-Cockpit view now sees FX correctly (Environment, weapon FX, force fields, etc.)
-Map now stay visible, even when switching back and forth between 3rd person view and cockpit view
-When going from normal indicator to special indicator, the red bar is going to be the same size as the previous indicator, instead of moving from full to current value
-Menu sounds are now affected by the Master Volume slider and Sound Effect Volume slider
-Post processing is now activated correctly. (Note, this also fix the Hyper Sheens when Bloom is enabled)
-Assisted Controller mapping menu can now be accessed while in a match (or doing the tutorial)
-While navigating with gamepad or joystick in the menus, opening the wizard or opening the controller selection window then cancelling them was making the navigation to be blocked. It should not happen anymore.

- Balance is unchanged


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