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Author Topic: During assisted control mapping, a background dialogue is active  (Read 1170 times)


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Hi there!

When entering the assisted control mapping through the new currently used controller menu, there is a dialogue in the background (I think it's the dialogue with the button to start the assisted control mapping). When going through the mapping, when using the button 1 on my joystick for "leave the dock", I see that the dialogue in the background is getting the input, which leads to the dialogue to choose the control method again, this dialogue will be there still, when you're done with the mapping progress and will take you again to the assisted control mapping.

Background dialogues should not get any input, while you're mapping the controls.

How to reproduce:
I used the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro
1. go to the options menu
2. press the currently used controller button
3. choose joystick and enter the assisted control mapping
4. map the trigger to leave the dock

That's it.
Best regards,


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Re: During assisted control mapping, a background dialogue is active
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I will have a look!


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