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Forum rules
« on: April 01, 2015, 11:52:31 am »
Welcome to the Nine Dots Studio Forums. Thanks for participating in the forums, or if you prefer to lurk in the shadow, it's fine too!

To ensure that the forums are a nice place for everyone, please take a look at our rules. You'll see, they are pretty easy to follow. Breaking these rules will result in warnings, and maybe in temporary or permanent ban.

Rule #1: Don't be a jerk.
What constitutes being a jerk?
  • Trolling: Sowing discord by starting arguments or upsetting people by posting inflammatory, extraneous or off-topic messages.[wiki]
  • Being unable to hold a conversation without leading into personal attacks.
  • Posting links to "screamers" or other loud/gore sites that could traumatize people.

Rule #2: Do not post 18+ content.
Do I need to explain it further? No porn, no explicit sexual discussions.

Rule #3: Do not encourage pirating.
And I do not talk about the movies with a certain Captain Sparrow. Developers put their heart into making what they love. You do not want them to be forced to stop, don't you? If pirating is your thing, we can't really stop you, but leave it to Google, we do not want to know.

Rule #4: Off-topic advertising.
If you post advertisement about your clothes company or completely non-game related topic, even in the general section, your thread/post will be deleted without warning. Repeating it will result in a permanent ban. If you want to advertise your Indie game and you think that people would be interested, please create a thread in the General Discussions section.

Posting Guidelines
The above rules must be followed at any times, but to make the forums convenient to use, following these guidelines would be appreciated.
  • Double post: There is an edit button for that reason. If you want to add additional information or details to a post you just submitted, please just edit it.
  • Quoting: Using the Quote feature is a nice thing to use if you want to reply to someone. Note that you can quote more than one person in the same reply.
  • Spam: Please refrain replying to threads with one word/emote. Don't you hate it when your friends are replying to your SMS with "k"? This will keep the topics easier to read.
  • Necromancy: It's OK to reply to old threads as long as it is related to the discussion and make it progress further.
  • Signature: Having a special signature is awesome, but do not make one too distracting. Also, please refrain to put embed videos in your signature as this would result in a the forums to be slower. Also, do not put GIFS that could induce an epilepsy crisis.

That's all folks!
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