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General Discussion / Re: ICQ??
« Last post by euro on July 07, 2017, 05:29:19 am »
That's right. ICQ does a great job.

London to Rome by bus
Brand / London to Athens
« Last post by europe on June 28, 2017, 05:45:04 am »
Would you like to travel from London to Athens? Try it out now!
Brand / Re: What is Brand?
« Last post by europe on June 28, 2017, 05:04:57 am »
Thanks for a wide description!

coach to Portugal
Introduce yourself / Re: Welcome
« Last post by europe on June 28, 2017, 05:01:57 am »
New here, so thanks for warming welcome! I appreciate it. Is someone willing to go from London to Portugal?
Outward / Re: Future of Outward
« Last post by Gauna on May 04, 2017, 02:30:43 am »
Just so cool you got the funding and I am really looking forward to see the Bathmate developments taking place even if it is not longer part of a Kickstarter. I hope you continue to take suggestions and post updates as I feel sure you will engage with a lot of users who love the concept of Outward and really look forward to help in any way they can.

I hope that Outward continues to grow and innovate.
Dev Blog / February Update
« Last post by Keos on February 03, 2017, 02:01:43 pm »
Nine Dots is now 6 years old!
On February 2, 2011, Nine Dots was officially incorporated. We sure don’t see the time flying, we’re too busy making games. It’s crazy to think we’ve spent more than a third of our existence as a company working on Outward.
Indies Séries by Ubisoft
On January 26, we pitched the game to Ubisoft and the National Bank of Canada for a contest. There were 2 prizes of 50,000$ to win for the province of Québec, and 33 applicants.
While we were not selected for either of the grand prizes, we were selected by the National Bank as a Top Pick, and we were also among the 5 finalists for the grand prize. It was flattering to be competing with such a line-up of game developers and we are honored for the recognition they gave us.

Development update
We’ve been working on a lot of different things in the past few weeks. We wanted to have traps ready soon as we feel that they’ll play an important role in the game, given our focus on preparation and setting up your environment to gain an edge in combat.
We’ve also spent a lot of energy lately on making sure the game runs well on console. There are many challenges considering the hardware limitations, but we’ve been making progress. The mix between console and splitscreen is making us do some compromises, but we feel that having more gameplay options to be more important than graphics.
We’ve also started creating dungeons in bulk. As we advance, we’re nearing completion on 3D assets for armor sets and creatures, and the bulk of the job left for our artists are environments and props. Soon, we’ll have enough dungeons to populate two of our outdoor regions.
While we’re at it, last month we started posting pictures of new armors, here’s a new one:

That’s it for our February update. Cheers!

Dev Blog / January Update
« Last post by Keos on January 18, 2017, 09:47:26 am »
Hello and happy new year all!
End of Year Introspection
At the end of the year, we did a long team meeting to discuss about the game’s design and development, both in terms of where we are at and where we’d like to be heading. We mostly discussed about the quality and the coherence of the game we want to make, and whether or not we were going in the right direction.
As such, we made the decision to cut or simplify some systems and features to make sure we have enough resource left to polish what ends up in the game. So for instance, we decided that there won’t be mules in Outward at launch, while it remains something we could add in a later update, either in a free update or as part of a paid DLC or expansion. We decided to make cooking, alchemy, crafting and enchanting more similar, instead of all having unique mechanics. We decided to have a lesser amount of skills, and make each of them matter more.
Rest assured however that the vision remains unchanged. This is a matter of contracting the scope of the game to ensure every element is up to our quality standards. We’d rather deliver something that feels finished and complete, but to which we can add more stuff in the future, than to deliver a game in which some parts feel unfinished or botched.
Ubisoft Indie Series contest
This week, Ubisoft announced the 9 finalists for a contest called the Indie Series, which offers marketing, mentoring and a 50,000 dollars cash prize to the winner. We are honored to be named finalists in this contest, and on January 26th we’ll be pitching the game in front of a jury. The winner will be decided on the same day, so please cross your fingers for us!

Release window for Outward
We’ve always been very careful about the release date of the game, not announcing anything official and being pretty vague on the matter. But when pressed, I usually answered that it would either be in summer of 2017 or early 2018. Following up on our assessment of the situation at the end of the year, we now think it is much more likely that we release in 2018. Last month I said that it is not impossible to do Early Access. Should we do it, we’d probably start in summer this year. Take this info with a grain of salt however, as we are still too far to truly commit to a date.
That’s it for the January news. If you have any question, you can always ask them on our facebook group or our discord server.
Dev Blog / December Update + Recorded stream
« Last post by Keos on January 18, 2017, 09:43:50 am »
Hey everyone, in case you missed the update of December, here, it is, it also includes a video of the last stream we did.

Yesterday we did a stream to show where we're at in the development of Outward. You can see various improvements we've done over the course of the past weeks, including a major overhaul of the user interface and some noticeable improvements in the look of the Chersonese (the first outdoor region).You can watch the video right here:

Development status​
Currently, we have most of the environment done for three outdoor regions, three cities and a handful of dungeons. We've been focusing our efforts on the first region and town however. Once we have a region that feels complete not only in terms of environment, but from a gameplay and balance perspective as well, we'll be better equipped to do the next ones more efficiently. However, it means that until we've done that, there won't be an explosion of new content to show in updates. We're not making that many new skills or enemy types at the moment, for instance.
Another thing worthy of mention is that the composer for Outward has been doing amazing work on the soundtrack. Mark my word, this will be the kind of soundtrack you want to buy.
We're starting to run low on funds. The CMF provided us enough cash to finish the game, but not to polish it and make sure it meets the expectations of dedicated RPG fans. So instead of just sticking to the plan, we decided it would probably be best to extend the game development, even if it means that we'll have to find a publisher. Other options would be crowdfunding or Early Access, but for now we're trying to find an entity who can not only fund the game, but help us promote as well. It's no secret that we aren't exactly marketing moguls. We have a history of difficulties getting the word out about our games.
Outward / Re: A Thought On Mana
« Last post by Gheeyom on January 09, 2017, 11:35:25 am »
The system we have in mind already does this, to an extent. As you keep going without resting, your maximum stamina and life will reduce as you get damaged or spend your energies. Eventually, you will have much more mana available than HP/Stamina, so you would likely be doing this more, and will need to watch out as having a limited supply of stamina means you can't dodge, block or run as effectively. And a lowered maximum health is self explanatory in a dangerous world like ours ;)
Outward / Re: A Thought On Mana
« Last post by Furie on January 07, 2017, 05:56:34 pm »
That's an interesting concept. I love the idea of red eyed mages just staggering into town, downing coffee and then heading off to battle, knowing that the moment they rest their heads they're going to lose that sort of stoned, tired imagination they need to work their will on the world.

Have you considered pushing magic as something truly addictive where, the more spells and mage-stereotype abilities a character has, the more they need to use them? If mana increases with each spell use, as the mage gets more and more attuned to the forces of the world, then perhaps not using it would have a negative effect.

You say that foodstuffs and tobaccos would be used as role playing ways to refill mana, so those might help keep the edge off a little bit while casting spells might keep it off a lot. But the more spells and abilities the character has, the more they'd need to use them or infuse their bodies with mana somehow. Otherwise they might suffer diminished capabilities or even have some sort of backlash the next time they try to bend reality to their will.
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