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Title: Welcome
Post by: Keos on April 01, 2015, 12:14:25 pm
Hello everyone,
you can introduce youself. No need to tell your real name if you do not want too.

So here it is,
my name is Pier-Luc aka Keos. I'm programmer at Nine Dots Studio. I mostly work on systems such as skills, items, network synchronisation. I also work on the UI.
I'm a Star Wars nerd.
I love the Monster Hunter franchise and I've been playing Monster Hunter 4 Ulimate, Heroes of the Storm and Farcry 4 lately.
Title: Re: Welcome
Post by: dohlbrak on May 05, 2015, 06:15:01 pm
hello everyone, my name is dave.  I just joined the forums to keep up to date on outward.  I backed the project because I think it represents a direction that gaming needs to go, should go, and I am extremely intrigued and excited by the project.  I very much want to see it become a reality, and I am sorry the kickstarter got canceled.  It truly is an amazing concept, from the videos posted, it looks like an engaging and immersive experience.  I hope the future brings it and brings a way for me to help bring it to reality. 
Title: Re: Welcome
Post by: Krivvin on May 05, 2015, 06:54:15 pm
Hi everyone,

I'm Kenny aka Krivvin. I'm also here because of Outward. I'm hopeful for the future of Outward. It's very much the kind of game that my friends and I want to play. After the release of the recent trailer video, I am that much more excited for the day when I can play this game with my friends. I hope that there will be some way for me to help make this game happen.
Title: Re: Welcome
Post by: Giggles_McGeek on May 05, 2015, 07:36:38 pm

As with Krivvin and dohlbrak, I also joined to keep up with Outward. Other than my interest in its success, I also enjoy lots of nerdy things. Things like anime, vidja gaems, movies, superheroes, and scifi are awesome. I have a particular love for Star Wars and the Slenderverse. My main interest at the moment has been tabletop rpgs.

It's good to meet you all.
Title: Re: Welcome
Post by: Keos on May 05, 2015, 07:59:07 pm
Thank you guys for breaking the ice. I'm sure more will do the same. Be sure that Outward hasn't been abandonned :) Stay tuned on the Dev blogs for Outward updates (and other Nine Dots related stuff) and in the meanwhile, enjoy discussing with others :)
Title: Re: Welcome
Post by: Dehell on May 11, 2015, 06:28:11 am
Hi there ! I'm Dehell, a french gamer who, unfortunately, heard about Outward when the Kickstarter was cancelled. The project looks like a dream game for me, who modded my Skyrim as hell to get the most survival-like experience.

I'm really looking forward for news about Outward. I also happen to write for a french website (, well-known for their podcast. I'd be more than happy to write about the game when its future will be clearer, and maybe have an interview :)

Good luck guys, I have no idea how tough it must be for you, but you have my support ! That's something ! \_(ツ)_/
Title: Re: Welcome
Post by: derpylz on May 12, 2015, 02:39:46 pm
I'm Nils aka derPylz, I'm a biology student in germany. I've been following NineDots since their second Kickstarter for GoD Factory: Wingmen. I'm still a huge fan of it and I've played it more than any other game in my Steam library.
I'm incredibly excited for Outward and I'll do my best to support you guys!  :)
Title: Re: Welcome
Post by: Gheeyom on May 22, 2015, 10:10:04 am
Hi all, I'm Guillaume aka Gheeyom, lead designer and CEO at Nine Dots. I've been a hardcore gamer ever since my hands touched a controller and it has always been obvious that I would start a game studio someday. That day happened over four years ago and since then I've been living my dream alongside some of the most talented developers in the world.

As a gamer and as a desginer, I like games that have a lot of depth, complexity and that allows for expressiveness from the player. I like the idea of building my own stuff, be it crafting, assembling my own deck of cards, my own strategies or a character build. No other art form allows you to build worlds of possibilities and agency like games and every game we make at Nine Dots will reflect that.

My favorite game of all time is Final Fantasy 7, even though I still think the greatest accomplishment in gaming as an artform is Legend of Mana. I play mostly every kind of games but my favorite genres are RPGs and fighting games.

Aside from games, I don't shy away from political and ethical debates, I try to be as involved as I can in entrepreneurship and I am a vodka specialist (although whiskey is a close second).

For better or worse I'm a very transparent guy, so sometimes I may say things without filter, which can sometimes get across wrong.

Thanks for joining the forum! :D
Title: Re: Welcome
Post by: Chromehound on June 05, 2015, 11:38:35 am
Hey all, my name's Alexander or Chromehound in game. I have been playing GoD Factory: Wingmen since alpha (Known as Rainboom back then) and have loved the game since the first Kickstarter.

I am a university student studying Psychology but I am swapping my degree to Education, Childhood and Culture starting from September.

I love games where you have a lot of customisation options with your character and can build things how you want them - especially when mechs are involved! (thus I stole my name from my most favourite game ever: Chromehounds)

Thanks for making this thread Keos!

Fly Safe Everyone!

Title: Re: Welcome
Post by: MadMarkizen on June 05, 2015, 05:37:25 pm
Hello everyone, Michael aka MadMarkizen here. As for my intro I'm hugely in love with everything oriented about Mecha and other glorious machinery. That includes graceful space gunships. So stumbling onto a GoD Factory:Wingmen during steam sale was a pretty damn good day for me. :D Also I'm yet another college student alongside fellow players, in this case with Philosophy/Public Relations degree under my belt and now I'm studying Administration/Law. Hope to be of assistance to devs and new players alike. And lets not forget to have fun while we're at it!  ;D
Title: Re: Welcome
Post by: Blank_Norden on May 27, 2016, 04:06:45 am
Hi! my name is Antonio also known as Blank Norden and I'm italian.
I saw for the first time Outward on Steam Greenlight and I'm fall in love with it.
In 24, and I love JRPG, RPG and, of course, I'm here to follow the growth of this RPG
maybe the first indipendent RPG "Souls like" simulator available. Best of luck for this game and
I'm very curious to see something new about Outward.

Best regards from Italy, cya on the forum

Title: Re: Welcome
Post by: victus_maestro on September 16, 2016, 01:52:27 am
Hello all!

My name is Gareth, and I am what you could call...the game developer that could have been. It was my dream growing up to make games, but I was so put off by the horror stories of bad studio management, toxic work environments, and production/artist conflicts, that I decided that I would rather forego that dream than muscle my way into an industry that would wring out the best of my love for the medium and leave me empty, jaded, and spiteful.

Of course, you can't really suppress something like that, so I naturally gravitate toward the closet developer lifestyle, and my meandering around the Unity site led me to come across Outward, and by extension, Nine Dots.

First of all, it struck me that Outward looks awesome. Second, in reading the description of the company, I was all but pounding my fist on my hypothetical desk (I'm on my phone, but a desk would be more dramatic) saying, "Yes, yes, yes!" This is the attitude that game devs need. It is not always the easy road to walk when you are beholden to your vision and your audience rather than corporate producers or sponsors with deep pockets, but it is the NOBLE way. Anyone who lives their values like that deserves to win, plain and simple.

TL/DR: Outward looks awesome! The team and company philosophy makes me want to follow along and see what the future holds!
Title: Re: Welcome
Post by: Gheeyom on September 20, 2016, 10:25:28 am
TL/DR: Outward looks awesome! The team and company philosophy makes me want to follow along and see what the future holds!

And this is how you make a game dev happy :) Thanks for the kind words and glad that our mission resonates with you.
Title: Re: Welcome
Post by: europe on June 28, 2017, 05:01:57 am
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